Three Edison Tenors

Giuseppe Anselmi, Alessandro Bonci, José Mojica


Long before Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras were singing together, Thomas A. Edison was recording three tenors during the early 20th century: Giuseppe Anselmi, Alessandro Bonci, and José Mojica. These tenors never performed together, yet each has left his mark in the history of singing and Edison has preserved their legacies by the most successful recording process of that era. Today, the beauty of Anselmi, the technical prowess of Bonci and the expressiveness of Mojica, is gathered on this one-disc compilation. Their sweet tone and lyricism was captured by Edison at the height of their respective careers resulting in sound that transcends their present fame. These tenors may not be the first three that come to mind, yet after hearing this disc they will not soon be forgotten.

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Track Listing

Giuseppe Anselmi --January-February 1913, London--
1. I PAGLIACCI: Vesti la giubba (Leoncavallo) 4:29
(1372-A) 83008
2. LA GIOCONDA: Cielo e mar (Ponchielli) 4:30
(1373-A) 83004
3. LA FAVORITA: Spirto gentil (Donizetti) 4:09
(1374-B) 83007/Transposed down a semi-tone to B
4. LES PÊCHEURS DE PERLES: Mi par d'udir ancor (Bizet) 3:50
(1375-A) Unpublished
5. L'AFRICAINE: O Paradiso (Meyerbeer) 3:43
(1376-A) 83026
6. LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR: Tu che a Dio spiegasti l'ali (Donizetti) 4:55
(1377-B) 83018/Transposed down a semi-tone to D-flat
7. MIGNON: Ah! non credevi tu (Thomas) 4:58
(1378-B) 83015
Alessandro Bonci --1913 New York City--
8. TOSCA: E lucevan le stelle (Puccini) 3:45
15 January; (2095-A) Unpublished
9. AIDA: Celeste Aida (Verdi) 4:38
20 January; (2102-A) 83003
10. MARTA: M'apparì tutt' amor (Flotow) 3:28
8 May; (2275-A) 83010
11. L'ELISIR D'AMORE: Una furtiva lagrima (Donizetti) 4:34
8 May; (2277-A) 83006
12. RIGOLETTO: La donna è mobile (Verdi) 3:06
8 May; (2278-A) 83013
13. LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR: Fra poco a me ricoverò (Donizetti) 3:22
9 May; (2279-B) 83012
14. LUISA MILLER: Quando le sere al placido (Verdi) 3:48
9 May; (2280-B) Unpublished
José Mojica --New York City--
15. IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Ecco ridente in cielo (Rossini) 4:15
22 May 1925; (10391-A) 82343
16. LES PÊCHEURS DE PERLES: Mi par d'udir ancora (Bizet) 3:41
25 May 1925; (10398-B) 82343
17. L'ELISIR D'AMORE: Una furtiva lagrima (Donizetti) 4:19
24 May 1926; (10999-A) 82344
18. LAKMÉ: Fantaisie aux divins mensonges (Delibes) 3:51
25 May 1926; (11003-C) 82344
19. LES HUGUENOTS: Bianca al par (Meyerbeer) 3:55
27 May 1926; (11010-C) 82347
All tracks accompanied by orchestra
Languages: All tracks sung in Italian except Track 18, which is sung in French

Marston would like to thank the Edison National Historic Site, the National Park Service, and the United States Department of the Interior for their help in the production of this CD release.

Photographs: Charles Mintzer and Robert Tuggle

Producer: Lawrence F. Holdridge

Audio Conservation: Ward Marston

Booklet Design: Takeshi Takahashi