Ernst Levy -- Forgotten Genius

Plays Beethoven, Liszt and Levy


Ernst Levy was one of the century's most remarkable musicians although his name is all but unknown. Grounded in the total intellectual knowledge of the score's inner workings, Levy's mesmerizing and romantically personal interpretation often leaves the listener with the impression that he has heard a familiar work for the first time. His performances are not for the faint of heart.

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Track Listing

CD 1 (78:02)
Piano Sonata No. 29 in B-flat, op. 106, "Hammerklavier"
1. I. Allegro 12:06
2. II. Scherzo: Assai vivace 2:18
3. III. Adagio sostenuto: Appassionato e con molto sentimento 20:43
4. IV. Largo: Allegro risoluto 12:00
1958; Kapp Records KC-9030-S
Piano Sonata No. 32 in C Minor, op. 111
5. I. Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato 9:19
6. II. Arietta: Adagio molto semplice e cantabile 21:18
1956; Unicorn Records UNLP 1034; originally recorded by Peter Bartók
CD 2 (78:57)
Piano Sonata in B Minor
1. Lento assai - Allegro energico 12:00
2. Andante sostenuto 7:03
3. Allegro energico 11:07
1956; Unicorn Records UNLP 1035; originally recorded by Peter Bartók
4. Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude, Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses No. 3 16:24
1956; Unicorn Records UNLP 1035; originally recorded by Peter Bartók
5. Sposalizio, Années de Pèlerinage, Seconde Année-Italie: No. 1 6:51
1929; (1159-60) Sonabel 12030
6. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 in C-sharp Minor 9:05
Recorded in concert on 14 November, 1954
Pieces for piano
7. No. 6 2:35
8. No. 7 3:32
9. No. 8 4:51
10. No. 9 2:09
11. No. 18 2:34
March 29, 1954; Recorded by Columbia Records in Conjunction with the Fromm Foundation but never issued
All Tracks were recorded in mono, except CD 1 Tracks 1-4, which were recorded in stereo.
All Tracks were recorded in Kresge Auditorium M.I.T. except CD 2 [5, 7-11].

Marston would like to thank Ernst Levy's sons, Frank and Matthys Levy, his colleague Siegmund Levarie, and his admirers Gregor Benko, Raymond Edwards, Thomas Frost, Donald Manildi and Gerald Morgan, Jr. for their help in the production at this CD release.

Producers: Scott Kessler and Ward Marston

Audio Conservation: Ward Marston

Booklet Design: Takeshi Takahashi

Cover Photograph: The M.I.T. Museum