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For many years, a number of individuals and institutions have sponsored Marston releases. We could not continue producing releases of the quality for which we are known without this valued support, and we want to add your name to our list.

Sponsorships have typically come in two forms: full sponsorships and partial sponsorships. Full sponsorships often arise when an individual or organization approaches us with an idea for a set that they would like to see produced. If the idea is consistent with our artistic goals and is commercially viable, a full sponsorship can make this possible by covering most of our upfront expenses in producing the set. The amount necessary for full sponsorship varies from set to set, and although the primary factor is the number of CDs, the size of the booklet and other project-specific expenses can affect the overall cost of bringing a release to market (*see below for an explanation of the costs involved). Fully-sponsored projects are not eligible for partial sponsorship. For projects that are partially sponsored, we accept contributions of varying amounts from multiple donors until we reach our sponsorship goal. Whether a full sponsorship or a modest donation, your contribution helps preserve the history of recording, and you can even become a part of history by having your name linked with our collectible CD sets forever.

Benefits of sponsorship:

Full sponsorship:

  • 1) Recognition of your contribution on the tray card of the sponsored set, if you wish
  • 2) Recognition of your contribution on our website, if you wish
  • 3) Fifteen free copies of the CD you sponsored
  • 4) A “lifetime membership” entitling you to every new Marston CD free of charge, including shipping

Partial sponsorship:

  • 1) All contributions of $1000 or more will be specially recognized within the booklet of the sponsored set, and on the future releases page of our website
  • 2) All contributions of $1000 or more will receive five free copies of the CD you sponsored
  • 3) All contributions of at least $250 but less than $1000 will be mentioned within the booklet of the sponsored set, and on the future releases page of our website
  • 4) All contributions of at least $250 but less than $1000 will receive one free copy of the CD you sponsored

If you are able and interested, please select a release you wish to underwrite from the list below and join our growing list of sponsors. If you or a group of friends have a favorite artist that you would like to sponsor that is not on our list, please contact us. There may be mutual interest!

Sponsorship available for the following CD sets:

Marian Anderson

The Young Marian Anderson

The Complete Studio Recordings 1923–1939 and Early Broadcasts

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Luboshutz and Nemenoff: The Art of Duo-Piano Playing

Luboshutz and Nemenoff

The Art of Duo-Piano Playing

Fully sponsored
Herbert Janssen

Herbert Janssen: Portrait of a Mastersinger

Fully sponsored
The Works of Ernest Reyer and Édouard Lalo

The Works of Ernest Reyer and Édouard Lalo

Fully sponsored
Richard Wagner: Parsifal

Richard Wagner: Parsifal

New York City, 15 April 1938 featuring Kirsten Flagstad and Lauritz Melchior

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*The expenses that go into producing each Marston release are extensive. The CDs themselves, while a significant line item, are actually one of the smaller costs. Other physical costs include the booklet (which varies greatly depending on number of pages, binding, and paper quality) and the CD packaging. Costs for the booklet include the acquisition of photographs, note writers, proof-readers, and our graphic designer. Musical expenses include the acquisition of essential recordings (through purchase or loan), and Ward’s assistant who helps with all of the audio restoration work. Shipping costs for items involved in the production from recordings and photos, to the final product which is shipped from the Netherlands to Belgium, Ireland, and the US, are extremely high, as is the 21% VAT we pay on units shipped to European consolidators and the duty paid at the US border. Then there is STEMRA, who collect the fees paid for recordings that are not out of copyright, and Marston’s office employee who helps manage everything from the booklet production and customer orders to accounting and distributor fulfillment.