Become a Preferred Customer

How does this work?

Preferred Customers will automatically be shipped and charged for each album Marston produces. Each new release will be mailed to Preferred Customers as soon as the CD set is available, and the credit card on file will be charged shortly prior to shipping. You can become a Vocal-Preferred Customer and receive all of Marston's upcoming vocal releases; you can become a Piano-Preferred Customer and receive all of Marston's upcoming piano releases; or you can become an All-Preferred Customer and receive all of Marston's upcoming releases. Because Marston releases are painstakingly produced, Marston does not produce a huge number of releases each year, so the outlay of cash isn't tremendous.


What are the benefits?

  • Free rare, collectible, and desirable CDs from our Lagniappe Series provided free of charge
  • $6 postage discount on all orders mailed to preferred customers outside the US
  • Marston offers all future releases at a discounted price to preferred customers. This is yet another way that—along with the free Lagniappes series—we say “thank you” to our subscribers for helping make possible the work that we do.


If interested, please click one of the following options to send us an email:

(If you would like to be removed from the Preferred Customer Program, fax, call, or email Marston at anytime stating that you would no longer like to participate.)

Free CDs to Preferred Customers!

In recognition of our Preferred Customers, Marston created the Lagniappe Series. This series consists of single disc issues that are given to Preferred Customers free of charge. The documentation is limited, but the material and sound is of the same quality and interest you have come to expect. Whether presenting an outstanding artist that you may not have previously known, or an artist whose recorded output is limited, the Lagniappes have received overwhelming praise from our preferred customers. These rare and limited edition sets will be sent to you as they become available at no additional cost along with your pre-ordered CDs, so please sign up today!

Pol Plançon

Lagniappe Volume 1

Pol Plançon