Three American Sopranos CDR (NO PRINTED MATERIALS)
Lillian Nordica, Olive Fremstad and Ada Adini

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Three American Sopranos CDR (NO PRINTED MATERIALS)
No singer has received more requests at Marston than Lillian Nordica (1857- 1914). The American-born artist mastered the entire soprano repertory from coloratura parts to Wagner roles. Like so many of the greatest singers on early records, Nordica is instantly recognizable; she for the lovely, individual timbre of her voice, the perfectly controlled emission of tone, and the accuracy of execution. Olive Fremstad (1871-1951) moved to the United States at the age of ten from Sweden. She received rave reviews for her 1906 Metropolitan Carmen and created the role of Salome at the American premiere of the opera of the same name. Her voice was rich and expressive. Ada Adini (1855-1924) spent most of her career outside of the United States. Her remarkable and versatile soprano voice is extant on five extremely rare Fonotipia sides. All five are presented on this 2 CD-set and for the first time, truly represent her beautiful voice.
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